Featured Leader #2 – The Flying J Wranglers

We just returned from a short vacation to Ruidoso, NM where we traded 107-degree flat land heat for 80-degree mountains and lush pine.  My parents have semi-retired in this beautiful little oasis where tourism accounts for over 90% of the economies revenues. During the winter it's snow covered and buzzing with families that enjoy skiing … Continue reading Featured Leader #2 – The Flying J Wranglers


In Texas there are certain things we take for granted... air conditioning in the summer, 4-wheel drive in the winter, and beautiful sunsets for days just to name a few.  The other thing we take for granted is that most people genuinely have a passion, love, and belief in a higher being. As I continue … Continue reading Purpose

​ A Story of 2 Leaders and 6 Reasons One of Them is Great

I recently met with two different schools. Both schools are in small towns where everyone knows everyone, the drag still exists, and high school sports is the end all and be all. I grew up in a small town like this, so visiting these two schools felt like home. I met with the administration to … Continue reading ​ A Story of 2 Leaders and 6 Reasons One of Them is Great

Transitional vs Transformational Leadership

On a shuttle from the hotel to the airport, my wife and I found ourselves in an interesting conversation with a flight attendant instructor. She told us she instructed both new hires and tenured flight attendants and shared her thoughts on how she coaches them. It was her goal to find out if their customer … Continue reading Transitional vs Transformational Leadership

Visit Your Restaurant – Table for Two

  I recently had a conversation with a former 9-year mayor of Abilene, Dr. Gary McCaleb. During the conversation, he told a story about a time when he failed as mayor. He was having a conversation with a restaurant owner and thanking the businessman for his gift to the community when the man proceeded to … Continue reading Visit Your Restaurant – Table for Two

A Higher Purpose – Ride of Silence

The first Leadership is Listening episode is with a respected leader, Mark Spurlock. Mark started as a direct Xerox sales rep 40 years ago. He started Innovative Business Systems in 1992 and sold his company to Benchmark in 2013. His success as an Agent owner is a true testament to his leadership style and ability. … Continue reading A Higher Purpose – Ride of Silence

Leadership is Listening

 Have you ever thought about the first time you were called or picked to lead? Maybe it was to lead a song in church. Or maybe you were picked to head up your girl scout friends to sell cookies in front of Walmart. Some of you were captain of your little league baseball team and … Continue reading Leadership is Listening