Corporate Sales Coach and Mentor

What are the top 3 complaints you hear from your sales team? Let me guess…

  1. We don’t have enough leads
  2. The company isn’t marketing enough
  3. I don’t have enough time to make calls or go to networking events

After 15 years in B2B sales and 3 years in management, I’ve personally felt this way several times and heard it from my reps constantly.

There are several reasons why salespeople don’t reach their goals, struggle to find happiness, and start looking for different jobs too soon.

Salespeople are overwhelmed with distractions. They lack focus and discipline which leads to wasted TIME which is the most valuable thing they have.

They are distracted by:

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pointless meetings
  • Other time-wasting activities!

A article recently said, “According to CSO Insights, sales leaders spend only 20% of their time helping their team close deals.” And the Bridge Group says, “there is a minimum 20% annual turnover in sales.”

Millennials are even more likely to turnover says, 25% say they will leave their current job in a year. 44% say they will leave within two years. Research from Deloitte – The 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey. Read the full article here.

So what is the answer to these sales rep challenges?

Expert sales coaching and mentoring!

Truth is, there is no easy way, no gimmicks, no hack, and no shortcut to fill a pipeline and make a sale!

A good sales coach can bridge the gap between a sales manager and the reps. A sales coach and mentor can dedicate more time and provide a different point of view to both the sales rep and management.

Sales Rep Benefits include:

  • How to use the phone to set meetings
  • How to maximize field time
  • How to build report and generate your own leads
  • How to differentiate yourself with from your competitors to gain trust
  • How to strategically market yourself with cold calling, social media, and networking
  • How to gain commitments throughout each sales cycle
  • How to present proposals
  • How to negotiate based on value, not on price
  • How to keep loyal customers happy
  • How to accurately outlook your pipeline

Benefits to sales management and owners include:

  • Provide additional set of eyes and ears in the field with your reps
  • More time to focus on your business and important, time-sensitive issues
  • Provide recruiting and interviewing when hiring new salespeople
  • Support in setting expectations for your reps
  • Increase personal brand awareness with strategic marketing activities

I want to help you and your sales reps reach your goals and can give clear direction on how to get there.

Let’s get started with a free assessment

  • A short meeting to learn about your unique challenges and customize a game plan to overcome them
  • Plan a follow up for weekly coaching sessions or field day workshops

Weekly Coaching

  • Check the temperature on your sales pipeline, give guidance and direction of what to do next and how to execute that plan.
  • Discuss prospecting behaviors and activities

Attend networking events and give in-field coaching and advice office

Workshop and Field Days

  • Includes research, pre-workshop strategy sessions with key personnel, prep work, and in the field real world training
  • Includes weekly coaching

Please contact me to schedule a 15-minute conversation to discuss the next steps at or call 325-267-1335.