Featured Leader #5 – Serge Gasore


I’m dedicating this post to a leader who is quite remarkable.  Last December I was introduced to Serge Gasore, the founder of Rwanda Children.  Serge’s story is profound and unique.  When he was 7 years old, Serge witnessed and served a most horrific event in Rwanda when he escaped from a church building only moments after his family was killed in the genocide of the Tutsi tribe by the hand of the Hutu tribe.  Serge survived for 120 days with no one to help him and managed to escape the genocide all together that took the lives of an estimated 500,000-1,000,000 people* in 4 months.

Years later he was recruited by Abilene Christian University to run track.  He was a national champion and helped lead ACU to multiple national victories.  He now has three degrees from ACU.


His accomplishments were great during his college years but his calling came afterward when his homeland tugged on his heart to return and help the children of Rwanda and “be the voice” for the kids in his hometown of Ntarama.


I’ve heard Serge speak twice.  I’ve never heard a more humble spirit explain that the best gift he can give the people of this community is a goat.

That’s right… a goat.

The earnings for a single goat in Ntarama support a family by:

Paying for food, clothing, school uniforms, tuition, and healthcare.

Having more baby goats so the family can start a small dairy.

Using goat manure to fertilize gardens and fields.

Providing extra milk for cheese and sold to make extra money for the family and provide nourishment to the family.

One goat costs $30 USD.

The other gift that makes a difference in the lives of this community is a chicken.  The eggs it provides give nourishment and nutrition to Ntarama families.

One chicken costs $1 USD.

Here is a short video that speaks to Serge’s heart and why he does what he does. https://vimeo.com/194723002


So here is what I ask.  In the spirit of giving please consider making a donation to this great cause.  Go to http://www.rwandachildren.org/shop/ and check out all the great ways to support this man and his mission.

Thanks for your support and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Very Merry Christmas!

*estimate found on Wikipedia

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