I heard the local chief of police speak at a luncheon and he started with a question.  What is on the penny?  The first and most obvious response was Lincoln, then In God We Trust, one cent, so one and so forth until the 80 people in attendance had combined their efforts to name most everything that was on the penny.  The speaker asked, what’s the significance of this exercise and followed up with the answer.

Every person born in the USA has handled the penny since they could swallow one yet not one person in the room could have listed everything that is on the penny by themselves.  But, when we combined our efforts and worked together as a team, we accomplished our goal.

I see this as one of the biggest challenges leaders face today.

For your football fanatics following the NFL, what’s the biggest difference in the Kansas City Chiefs (5-0) and the New York Giants (0-5)?  You guessed it.  Teamwork!

In March of 2017, I joined a team called BNI, Business Networking International.  We specialize in referral and word of mouth marketing and it is has been an incredible journey that has helped my business grow.

There are several aspects about BNI that I appreciate because they have trained us how to work together as a team and help each other.  The philosophy of the company is “givers gain”.  Giving is a key ingredient to influencing people, growing your network, and collaborating with your team.

When you give your time you are investing in someone’s future.  When you give your energy, you motivate your team.  When you give your ideas you share in the process whether your idea was used or not.

Here are more core values that I believe contribute to building a great team:

  1. Philosophy of Givers Gain (Registered by BNI)
  2. Building Strong Relationships
  3. Continuous Learning
  4. Traditions + Innovation = Success
  5. Positive & Supportive Attitude
  6. Accountability
  7. Recognition

I’m excited to finally share these ideas with you and hope you can use them in your own company, at your church, and in your home.

To find out more about BNI visit http://www.bniwesttexas.com or contact me.  We are looking for more businesses to connect and collaborate with and want to help grow through referrals and word of mouth marketing.


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