Earlier this year I featured The Flying J Wranglers and how for 35 years they have share their love of music from their home in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  

If you’ve made the drive to Ruidoso from Abilene you know as I do that it can be long, but worth it to see Gods beautiful mountains, snow in the winter, elk roaming the foothills, and pine trees.  You can also see the Wranglers, but their show ends in late October so they can start preparations for their Christmas tour. 

It’s late December now, and the Wranglers are rapping up their Christmas tour with a final show in Abilene! 

If you love this group please clear your schedule Tuesday, December 20 at 7:00 to come see them.  If you’ve never heard them before and don’t have plans on Tuesday come to the Paramount theater for good family entertainment of all ages.

A new addition to the group, Tim, is incredibly talented, funny, and hairy.  You’ll want to see this crazy cowboy and hear him play every instrument possible! 

I think that’s a wig by the way! Ha ha ha!

Call me for tickets or come see me at Hanner Chevrolet in Baird, TX or text 325-267-1335.

Order online here—>>>https://campmovie.wufoo.com/forms/m1yjg5on1as3zjv/


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