In my visits with different leaders there are several traits they all have in common and I’ve mentioned several in my writings.

  • Leaders listen
  • Leaders serve
  • Leaders give

Learning is another one.  I think it is easy to fall into the trap of complacency when it comes to feeding our minds with new ideas.

I sold office equipment for 13 years with Xerox Corporation/Benchmark and in October I resigned my position with them to start a new career with Hanner Chevrolet GMC in Baird, TX.  Now I sell cars, trucks, and SUV’s to businesses and to individuals.

The last two weeks I have gone through several classes to learn how to sell better.

I’m not going to lie, there are moments in my training where I feel like I already know how to sell and I don’t need more sells training.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

I am a student of my profession and as an aspiring sales leader, it is vitally important to continue to learn the best way to do my job.

Think about some of the people who have made an impact in your life.  Maybe it was your father who wouldn’t give up learning how to be more patient, or your mother who continuously balanced her time with work and became the best time manager you’ve ever seen.

Maybe it is your preacher who stands before his or her flock and speaks a lesson every week. Or maybe it was your mentor who took you under their wing to make sure you were successful.

All good leaders learn what they need to to be successful.  They adapt and change and struggle and THINK.

One of my favorite words to describe great leaders is – RELENTLESS.

This trait is applied more than ever when you fail.  Failing provides opportunity to learn, and only if you are relentless will you reach the goalline of success.

That is my charge for you this week.  Learn something new that you didn’t know yesterday and be thankful for the ability to learn.

Here are my favorite current thought leaders on sales, leadership, religion, and news.

  1. Anthony Iannarinno – The Sales Blog and In the Arena podcast
  2. Jeb Blount’s – Sales Gravy Newsletter and Sales Gravy podcast
  3. Jeffery Gitomer – Sales Caffeine and Sale or Die podcast
  4. Tyler J Anderson – Social Media Social Hour podcast
  5. Mark Rogers – Simply Human podcast
  6. Johnathan Storment – Preaching Minister at Highland Church of Christ
  7. The Week

Be open minded and do not be afraid.  And if you do, you will make a bigger difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for reading Leadership is Listening.  Please reply to me if you have encouraging and insightful thoughts to share or leave a comment below.  Please forward or share if there is someone you feel could benefit from this message. 

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