On September 17, 2016 I witnessed quite possibly the best soloist performance of my life.

Jasmin Richardson, a graduate from Abilene Christian University, left college like many of their theatre graduates do, full of energy, hopes of success, and enough talent and training to land an agent that put her to work very quickly.

Since 2007 she has performed several roles, but most notable Deena Jones in Dreamgirls, and Falicia Farrell in Memphis.

Last night she walked into The Center of Contemporary Arts in downtown Abilene, Texas and captivated an audience of 130 plus as Jasmin Richardson, a human on a journey to stardom, and did it with the humble Christlike spirit she is known for by her friends, family, and peers.

Jasmin’s performance was riveting and exhilarating. She morphed time and time again into characters like Carole King and Aida in Aida, and shared a truth that permiated the hearts of the audience.

Jasmin Richardson live streaming at ACU Lights UP!

This night was a dedication for the leading theatre company ACU Theatre’s Lights UP! event to raise money for the department which is used for various special projects throughout the year.

If you want to donate to ensure the art of the ACU Theatre continue to thrive give here.

Read more about Jasmin on the Huffpost.com.

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Featured Memphis pictures from indianapolis.broadway.com.

Follow Jasmin Richardson on Facebook @jasmin.richardson.79.

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