We just returned from a short vacation to Ruidoso, NM where we traded 107-degree flat land heat for 80-degree mountains and lush pine.  My parents have semi-retired in this beautiful little oasis where tourism accounts for over 90% of the economies revenues.

During the winter it’s snow covered and buzzing with families that enjoy skiing Ski Apache’s blue and black diamonds on Siera Blanca.

But during the summer it’s charm is different.  There is an Indian reservation with a resort and casino where you can zip line across a gorgeous lake at 75 miles per hour.  There are heart and hoof-pounding horse races on Sundays and the famous Billy the Kid Museum where tourists learn about the mischievous young outlaw and how he came to fame.

Also tucked away in these mountains, the Flying J Wranglers supper and show has been a leading jewel in Ruidoso for over 35 years.

James and Cindy Hobbs opened the chuck wagon and ranch in 1982 and has performed for over 750,000 guests.  They’ve recorded over 14 albums and performed as guests on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

But the two most impressive accomplishments of the Wranglers is their love of God and Amercian Veterans.

Since their existence, they have prayed before every meal before they ring the loud chuckwagon dinner bell.  Then halfway through their show, they pause and give thanks for all veterans.  They ask them to stand for recognition, and usually sing an iconic American song like God Bless America.  It will give you goose bumps. I captured this moment on our last trip out.  Watch it here.

In a world where great leaders stick out like sore thumbs I wanted to recognize these artists and thank them for their courage, honor, and integrity.

Check out their website at www.flyingjranch.com. Check back regularly for their Christmas tour to see if they will be in your city.  Also, if you find yourself escaping to the gorgeous mountains of Ruidoso, NM, go visit their ranch and enjoy their supper and show.  You won’t be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Featured Leader #2 – The Flying J Wranglers

  1. Good article about an awesome place to visit. It has a wonderful atmosphere filled with good fun, food, and family. I could not agree more on what you wrote. It is great!!


  2. The Flying J is an awesome place to visit. It has an atmosphere of good fun, food, and family. I could not agree more with what you said. It is a place to relax and just have fun!!


    1. And we miss you! Many good years spent in Seminole with great people. I hope you and your family are doing well. Blessings!


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