In Texas there are certain things we take for granted… air conditioning in the summer, 4-wheel drive in the winter, and beautiful sunsets for days just to name a few.  The other thing we take for granted is that most people genuinely have a passion, love, and belief in a higher being.

As I continue to interview leaders there are definitive reoccurring themes and believing in a higher being is one of them.  In my most recent 3 interviews, soon to be released, you will hear 3 powerful stories from respected leaders that all share this belief.

In a time when our nation needs great leaders, it is encouraging to hear this theme.

We live in a broken world that is under attack not just from ISIS and terrorists, but from the evil one himself.  This is nothing new, but none the less scary and confusing which is exactly what he wants.

I recently shared a “how to” video of cowboy musician, Coffey Anderson, displaying non-threatening movements and gestures when you are pulled over by a police authority.  It was extremely helpful and if you have a few minutes you should watch it here.

File Jul 19, 11 06 52 AM

At one point in the video he says that if you reach in a direction where a weapon could be pulled, the evil one has an opportunity to cause confusion and heighten the adrenaline and senses of the person who’s approaching your car.  Notice he didn’t say YOU cause the confusion but instead the evil one.

Leaders are called to a higher purpose, a purpose that is not just non-threatening to others around us, but encouraging, uplifting, giving, thoughtful, courteous, empowering, grateful, kind, and loving.

I like the word, purpose.  I tweet it, hashtag it, share it, and pray for it because I think it is vital for me to have in my leadership journey.

Jesus had a purpose when he came to this earth.  Joey has a purpose in leading his school.  Matt has a purpose in leading his sales team.  Marelyn has a purpose leading her bank. And Amye has a purpose leading her construction crews.

These people have a common purpose.  They all believe that our purpose is to glorify God and his kingdom on earth FIRST, because without him we will fail.

The greatest commandments teaches us to “Love the LORD your God with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  And the second is like it, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I had another conversation in the midst of the chaos from the last two weeks about our broken world with my friend Fred.  He said, “We need to be able to talk to one another about prejudice and the processes that cause prejudice.”

Its not hard to find where the evil one dwells.  Anywhere predudice, racism, hate, anger, turmoil, and confusion exists you will find him sitting on the curb twiddling his thumbs and just waiting for the best moment to disrupt peace.

Leaders be encouraged today to reevaluate your purpose.  Be the face of God first, give him the glory in all things,  love him, and love your neighbor.

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