How My Dad Inspires Me

Today is Fathers Day and I wanted to thank the special man in my life who led his family with love, energy, generosity, grace, and fun… my dad! My dad is a gift and has inspired so many people in his life. I hope his story will inspire you as well.


He is Faithful

First and foremost, my dad is a Christian example to me. I remember him leading songs in church, picking up hundreds of kids on a trailer filled with hay for Vacation Bible School in the heat of the summer, and giving his money, time, and energy to the local church expecting nothing in return. He also worked with the youth group and constantly shared his wisdom and solid Christian advice.


He loves his Family

My dad loved to coach and he was a good at it. He particularly enjoyed basketball, track, and football.

But he loved his family more.

When I was 12 he quit coaching athletics because he was spending too much time away from home. He turned to physical education instead and had an enormous passion for teaching kids. He made a lasting impact on thousands.


He Spends Time Wisely

My dad loves to hunt and fish. With three boys to feed, this was important to our family so he taught us to hunt as well.

But more than hunting and fishing I remember the time that I spent with my dad was priceless.

I remember camping out under the stars, chasing off skunks, and eating incredible breakfast after sitting for hours in a deer blind and hearing soft, repetitive whispers from my patient father, “you have to be quiet!”


He is Generous

I remember notes. My dad wrote handwritten notes to me before big football games. It would bring tears to my eyes, and still does, to read how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. Those notes usually stayed with me tucked in my helmet or in my socks during games.


He has Fun

My dad loves to golf. He is very athletic and hits a golf ball very well. I had a chance to play with him last Christmas in Kauai, Hawaii. It was the round of a lifetime and now a memory forever etched in my mind.


My dad is a cowboy and entertainer, how fun is that? Now retired from teaching, my dad enjoys working on a ranch in New Mexico. He is creative and very artistic and loves to build, landscape, and fix things. He sings with a The Flying J Wranglers and serves supper to thousands of guests every year on the ranch. He goes on tour once a year and records with them as well.


He Loves Life

There are very few people I know who see the positive in almost everything. Both my mom and dad are extremely positive people. This is a good trait for parents and leaders to have.

My dad loves my mom. They have been married for 42 years and have been an example of how to love each other to anyone who knows them. They are patient, kind, selfless, and passionate.

If you are a father I hope you are celebrated and thanked with hugs, food, and a nap today. Be sure to call your dad if you can because time is precious and is the only commodity you can’t buy more of.

Be sure to give thanks today and love each other because love is a gift that deserves to be given away. Like the old song says, “love is something if you give it away… you’ll end up having more!”

Thanks for reading and Happy Fathers Day!

One thought on “How My Dad Inspires Me

  1. What a wonderful and accurate tribute of you dad. I have always loved and respected your parents.

    So glad I came across your blog.


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