Podcast Launch


File May 11, 4 15 18 PM
Listen to Mark Spurlock – FREE

Mark Spurlock is a 37 year Xerox legend.  He owned and operated Innovative Business Systems, Xerox Authorized Platinum Sales Agency for 21 years.  He led a team of 9-10 employees with passion, integrity, honesty, and authenticity.  He is a family man and was married, before the passing of his wife in 2013.  He has 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Katie Alford is the President & CEO of Community Foundation of Abilene.  She oversees the foundation’s $100 million in assets.  She is on four different boards-Hendrick Home for Children, Abilene Industrial Foundation, ContinueCare Hospital, and First Financial Bank of Abilene.

Seaton Higginbotham has been a part of Arrow Ford since 1974.  A family owned business since its birth, Arrow remains one of the most reputable Ford dealerships in the nation. He currently is the President and General Manger.

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