Leadership is Kind – Part 1

There is an instrument that I absolutely love. It is not the drums, although they would be very fun to play. It is the guitar.

I enjoy picking one up every now and then and playing around. Notice I didn’t say I can PLAY the guitar. There are people in this world that can play the guitar and I’m not one of them.

Daniel Merritt, on the other hand, can PLAY and out of the kindness of his heart agreed to let me record him for my podcast.

“An act of kindness is leadership at it’s best.”

Yesterday around 5:30 in the evening Daniel didn’t just PLAY the guitar. He dropped 30 minutes of some of the most gnarly, funky, knee-slapping, give you goosebumps guitar licks and rhythms I’ve ever heard!

To hear some of his stuff go here and share with your friends. Now I am honored with the challenge of picking what to use for my show.

How cool is that? Thank you, Daniel, for your leadership and generous gift. I look forward to sharing your music and talent with my LeadSmart listeners very soon.

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