Featured Leader #1-Arthemon Sindayigaya

We watched our 7 year old boy try track for the first time.  He loved it!  For two straight days he laced up his sneakers and headed to the track to join “Art” Arthemon Sindayigaya.  Art was born in Burundi and a NCAA Division II National Champion with the Abilene Christian University Wildcats.

Watching our boy was just part of the fun.  Art is an incredible leader and coach.  He coach’s approximately 40 young people ages 3 to 40 for an hour every day in addition to coaching track a local private school.  He is an encourager with a winning spirit that loves people, loves running, and loves life.  There was a relaxed, yet intense atmosphere for his people, and it was obvious they love running too.

One of the most endearing traits of Art is his authenticity.  His leadership qualities were unique and positive.  He had a different way of communicating with each person there.  It was if he said with his entire being, “I love you and I love that you are here today”.


He told us that if our son loved to come out and run then please bring him back out.  It was obviously important to Art that his customers love what they do or they should not do it.

We hear it all the time, “Do what you love, and love what you do”.  Art was a true example of someone who does this and wants the same for his tribe.

You can check out Art’s website at www.coolrunningstrack.com.

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