Be consistent

This month was a breakthrough month for two individuals who have been struggling on my team. For me this was thrilling! For months it seems like this team was on again off again. One minute they’re engaged and performing consistently, but then out of the blue their leads go cold, as do their sales. When this happens its difficult to understand how momentum can shift on a dime.
In these moments I wondered if I’m saying the right thing, doing the right things, and if I am leading them correctly and giving them sound advice?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is trust your own system. Systems work for me and I use them in many facets of life. Having a system gives me a roadmap for whatever I’m working on. They allow me to be proactive in my work which is important in outside sales management because if you aren’t proactive, your customers can dictate your time and schedule.

But there is a reality we can’t escape. Sometimes systems brake. When they do brake, great leaders make smart decisions.

I wonder if I should change the system? Do I need to pinch hit for the struggling rep? Should I call an audible and disturb the flow by holding an impromptu meeting?

The reality is sometimes you do have to step in and help, but the best and most difficult thing to do is trust your process and your system. We should create a cadence and consistency.

This month is proof for me that if I can be more consistent and create a solid cadence for my team, it WILL produce more consistent results.

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